Observing the animations with the moving bodies, allowed the intricacies of the movement to be augmented - the stop frame motion accentuating the smooth rendering of the live action - the rhythms of both forms creating a counterpoint that kept the brain readjusting in a very satisfying fashion.

Sue Healey
Choreographer and Filmmaker

Flatline | A Dance for Paul Klee

A dance film animation ‘duet’, first presented at Brenda May Gallery in 2014, created at Bundanon Trust. 

Choreography: Carl Sciberras
Animation: Todd Fuller
Composition: Mitchell Mollison
Performer: Niharika Senapati

Flatline | Slipstream Festival of Time Based Art

DRAWN IN is a performance installation project that happens over a week – it involves three solo practitioners in distinct artforms (music, visual art and dance) transforming a space gradually through experimentation, performance and constant creation.

Featuring Todd Fuller, Mitchell Mollison and Carl Sciberras
Presented by Metro Arts as part of the Slipstream Festival of Time Based Art, 2015

Flatline | Drawn Duet Series

The Drawn Duet Series has manifested across Australia, indoors and out, in playful improvised interactions between a live dancer and live drawer. Iterations have occurred at places and events such as BEAMS Festival, Parramatta Lanes, Grafton Regional Gallery, PACT Centre for Emerging Artists, The National Centre for Drawing, Art Est and First Draft.  It continues to grow and transform places…

Flatline | Imprint

A dancer slips into crayon shoes and leaves traces of her journey beyond the ephemera.

Winner: Emerging 2015: Gosford Regional Gallery

Flatline | Sketch

Lines and movement increase, more colour appears and sound rises and falls. The dancers roll and extend their bodies, curving, twisting, reaching – sometimes in unison, sometimes solo, exploring space in harmony with sound and colourful line.

Katherine Knight
Western Sydney Frontier

Dancers: Katina Olsen, Carl Sciberras, Rosslyn Wythes
Composition: Mitchell Mollison
Visual Art: Todd Fuller

Flatline | The Launch of Flatline

Dance and animation are markedly different art forms, but with shared themes and similar ideas underscoring their work it is already more cohesive than one might imagine.

Geraldine Higginson
Dance Australia

The Launch of Flatline featured a series of short works in an evening presentation at the Io Myers Theatre at UNSW.

Dancers: Storm Helmore, Tyrone Robinson, Yilin Kong, Amy Nilsen, Carl Sciberras, Rosslyn Wythes, Ben Chapman, Niharika Senapati
Composition: Mitchell Mollison
Animations: Todd Fuller