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Carl is definitely a leader of the future, he has an innate understanding of the need to blend creativity and commercial practice, without compromising artistic integrity. He also has the ability, intelligence and drive to lead the creative community, especially through the blending of different kinds of creative practice.

Monica Davidson
Creative + Business

Personal Projects | Common Anomalies

Common Anomalies is a triple bill of solo dances by young artists, vastly different in style, exploring their cultural identities. Solos interconnect breakdance, contemporary techniques, vogue, modern dance and folklore in dynamic and challenging vignettes. These works are cross-cultural, personal endeavours that capture a unique snapshot of a world of diverse and interconnected people, multiethnic and globalised.

Featuring Imanuel Dado, Carl Sciberras and Bhenji Ra
Presented by FORM Dance Projects and Riverside Theatres, Nov 2017